Choices and regrets sometimes go together. Sandy has an opportunity to make a different choice and walk an alternate path into the future. Will she take it?  

 Cowboys are sexy creatures, and bull riders maybe more so than most. They also tend to be just a wee bit crazy. Goes with the territory. 


Sandy walked out on her cowboy in 1973, now she often regrets the choice she made. It’s Heritage Rodeo Day and the streets are filled with cowboys, the lean hipped bull riders draw her gaze. Ian was a bull rider. Sandy wanders into a bar where the violet eyed barkeep offers her a wish. In a flash Sandy is back in 1973 and Ian is bringing her a beer. He won day money so he’s hot to trot. Ian wants to retire to the bed of his pickup and party on. Sandy can’t let him leave the bar or the magic will vanish and she’ll be 56 and alone again. They make out in the bathroom and are joined by his travelling companion and his girl. At the end of the night, Lacey makes the wish permanent, no do overs. When Sandy and Ian leave the bar they step into the future the way it would have been if she hadn’t walked out on him all those years ago.        

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