MuseItUp Publishing presents the Lacey's Lamp series, twelve months of sexy stories. Choices by Emily Pikkasso is the story for March. Momma's shouldn't let their babies grow up to be cowboys....should they? THere are some cowgirls who would disagree. Watch for Choices coming March 1, 2012   

Choices and regrets sometimes go together. Sandy has an opportunity to make a different choice and walk an alternate path into the future. Will she take it?  


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Emily Pikkasso


Emily is at the Book Connection follow the link to see what she has to say

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The Oak King's Daughter has won A New Covey Award for Most Artistic Cover. Thanks to my wonderful cover artist Delilah K Stephens.


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The Oak King's Daughter has been nominated for a Dan Poynter Global eBook Award in the short story category. Winners will be announced July 20, 2011  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


The Oak King's Daughter finished in the top ten of the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll in the short story romance category.  


Reviewer Kay Dee Royal had this to say about The Oak King's Daughter:

The Oak King's Daughter

Author: Emily Pikkasso

Genre: Fantasy Erotica

Release: January 1, 2011

Cover Artist: Delilah K. Stephans


Word  count: 4,607

Pages: 19

Warning: Naughty but Nice--Erotica- contains moderate graphic sexual content. M-F

Book Reviewer: Kay Dee Royal               5 - stars

The Oak King’s daughter, Dara, becomes lost in her father’s parade of possible husbands. She finds the new mage, Tinne, more to her liking or lusting. At Tinne’s sugges

tion of leaving together, Dara makes it a request to happen.

There’s more involved with the two of them leaving, but I don’t wish to reveal and ruin the twisty surprise. Ms. Pikkasso weaves a silken tale of magic and mayhem through her character’s strong voices.

This short story’s vivid and sultry love scenes sizzle. Ms. Pkkasso’s setting gentled all else into place in a flowing steady pace. The ending left me quenched, yet in wonder.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, satisfying romance, especially for those who favor fantasy.

For more reviews go to the Oak King's Daughter page in this website. 

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